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From: Alex
Subject: Father's Love Series - Chapter 2A Father's LoveChapter 2By AlexDavid had often wondered what it would be like to know his son but he never
imagined that it would happen under these circumstances. Rachael and David
had talked a few times throughout the years and their conversations were
always cordial but not quite comfortable- it wasn't easy to keep from
getting frustrated when she said she didn't think Tyler would be ready to
meet his dad who is gay. Child support was arranged through lawyers and it
wasn't a bourdon for him. His family's money combined with his own
business left him more than comfortable. He had offered to help out more
but one of the things that David always found attractive in Rachael was her
independence.Tyler relaxed his grip and leaned back, feeling a little embarrassed he
slid off David's lap and sat on the bench in front of his dad. Tyler
looked at the ground as David looked at the top of Tyler's head for a few
minutes before David spoke."I know that this can't be easy for you and I only want to help you through
this. If there is anything you need all you need to do is ask. If I'm not
here Russell will get it for you and if you need to go anywhere Chip will
drive you if I'm at work. I also spoke with your old school and they have
sent your record to your school here but since the school year is almost
done here, we're just gonna say your summer vacation has already started."David noticed Tyler looking out over the edge of the deck to the beach
below and as he joined Tyler's gaze, he noticed how many dads were down
there with their kids. He had seen them before of course and at times
maybe even feeling a little envious of these guys, that is, until he would
hear one of his employees griping about one of their defiant kids getting
in trouble at school. Without speaking Tyler scooted back a little, stood
up and looked over the rail of the patio to the beach below. David tried to
think of what to say next but every thought that passed through his mind
seemed inadequate. Finally he stood up and walked to the rail. Standing
beside his son he put his hand on Tyler's back and felt his shoulders tense
and then relax. David was never good with awkward silences though. "Are
you hungry? Let's go see what Russell is making for lunch." The two
walked russian preteen lolli pics through the house as David tried to give him a layout of it. Tyler
had already explored all three floors and nearly every room but he liked
listening to David. The house was very large and was over a hundred years
old but Tyler almost couldn't believe that. He tried to pay attention to
what David was saying but got distracted at every turn and all he really
gathered was that the house had something to do with Queen Anne and victory
or Victoria or something like that. They walked through the library and
Tyler saw a very old looking painting and thought that maybe that was her.
As they arrived in the kitchen Russell was putting the finishing touches on
a plate full of sandwiches. Chip walked in and they all grabbed a soda and
started eating. Tyler listened to "the grownups" talking. They spoke of
business of the day, matters of the house and vehicles and talk about the
grounds. They laughed from time to time, though Tyler didn't quite know
what they were laughing about. Helaughed along with them even though his
mind was more preoccupied with nude loli bbs forum the pool.Interjecting he asked "Hey David, can I go swimming?""Sure- just get out if you start getting a cramp. I'll be out there in a
minute." Tyler took the last bites of his sandwich, excused himself and
ran upstairs to put on his swim trunks. He got to the top of the stairs
and had to think for a second about which way his bedroom was. He knew the
door at the very top of the steps was locked last time he tried it. Now,
his mom had always said his curiosity would get him in trouble. He could
hear everyone in the kitchen talking and decided to try the door again. It
was unlocked- someone must have opened it up. He cracked the door open and
peaked inside. The room was beautiful to say the least. It had a wall of
windows looking out over the ocean with a couple chairs by a small table at
the center of them. A huge bed was against one wall, a dark wood, very old
looking four-poster bed with a canopy. There were three wide matching
dressers, a full-length mirror and a huge walk in closet. There was a
bathroom door towards the back corner by the table and chairs, and on the
table was a pair of binoculars.Tyler walked over to the table and looked down at the beach- it seemed to
be 100 feet down below the window and he could see all of it. It was
amazing the number of people that where within his view."I hope Russell didn't tell you that you could have this room." David said
softly nearly giving Tyler a heart attack.Tyler yelped and almost knocked the binoculars off the table catching them
before they fell. "I'm sorry- I was just looking but I didn- I-""It's okay, don't worry about it." David smiled, "The house is yours too
now; you can go anywhere you want. Pretty cool view it's it?""It's awesome! My friends in Grand Rapids would never believe I live in a
place as cool as this now.""Your room is the next door down the hall to the left." David said with a
smile.Tyler smiled back and said "I'll race you to the pool!" Tyler darted out
the door and into his room. David could hear the sounds of him fumbling
through his bags, as he was no doubt searching for his pre-teen lolita photo galleries suit. David got
undressed and pulled his on and just as he opened his door he saw Tyler run
down the stairs pulling his suit up over his butt. David laughed as he
tied his drawstring and descended the stairs. Tyler was already in the
water when David reached the pool. As he watched him swimming he could
tell he was definitely a Northerner. Tyler fair skin sliced through the
water and glowed white from the sun. David sat back in a lounge chair and
watched. Tyler was definitely a head-turner. His brown hair looked almost
black in the water. His body was trim and athletic. David could see some
of his mother in him but he could also see a lot of himself. He had her
eyes and height but that was about all. In the physical department Tyler
looked like a much smaller version of David. Tyler's narrow waist, which
tapered up to broadening shoulders, was just like his own. David smiled
and leaned back in his chair. At 6'3" tanned and 200 pounds he was amazing
to look at. Working out several times a photos naked lolitas net week, Russell making the
healthiest of meals and his youthful attitude kept his appearance in the
mid-twenties- at least that's how old most people thought he was. David
was 17 when Rachael got pregnant which put him at just 31 years old now."Aren't you going to swim Dav- ummm-""You can call me David or dad- whichever you feel more comfortable
with. I'm okay with both.""Okay dad" Tyler said giving David a toothy smile "So are you going to come
in here or what?"David suddenly jumped up out of his chair and did a cannonball into the
pool right beside Tyler engulfing him in a tidal wave. Under the water he
could see Tyler tumbling and trying to resurface. He breached the surface
of the water and could hear laughing and the splashing of Tyler trying to
swim away. David and Tyler played in the water for a couple of hours
enjoying the sunshine and getting to know each other. As the afternoon sun
started heating up they got out of the water and sat in the shade at a
table at the edge of the pool. Tyler asked how he was able to have such a
nice house. David explained that photos naked lolitas net he had gotten into realty right after
college and in the past ten years had amassed a nice investment. He told
Tyler about the area, his family and everything else except for the aspect
of his own sexuality. Hours of in the pool and back out several times,
Tyler had a lot of questions for David, and the two of them talked until
well into the evening catching up on 14 years of history.A little before 7 o'clock Russell opened the door and said dinner would be
ready in 10 minutes."Go on upstairs and get changed" David said to Tyler.As he ran off David walked over naked lolita preview site to Russell and said "One hell of a son I've
got there, don't you think?"Russell just smiled, nodded and headed back into the house to serve dinner.
David walked back upstairs to get changed. Tyler's door was open just a
crack and as David glanced in he could see Tyler changing in the mirror.
Tyler was pulling up his pants but not before David could get another
glimpse of his pure white buttocks. His pants rode just off his hips, that
extra inch too low which makes every gay man's eyes drift. Tyler reached
for lolita video jpg free
his shirt and David could see the beginnings of soft brown armpit hair
whispering in. For a moment too long his gaze was centered through that
little crack in the door."Hey! Is there anything else you need me for tonight?" Chip said from the
foot of the stairs. It was obvious that he had startled David and it
caused him to laugh a little to himself."No- no, we will be fine." David said shaking his head "Have a good night""You too- say good night to Tyler for me""Will do- are you sure you don't want to stay for dinner? Russell is
making prime rib.""I would but I have a date" Chip smirked "don't want to be late again."With that Chip was out the door. David turned to go into his room and
nearly tripped over Tyler who seemed to suddenly appear right behind him."Sorry! I'm sorry- I'll be ri- dinner's almost ready- I didn't see you."
David said stumbling backward and tripping over his words just as he had
just tripped over his son. "I'll meet you in the dinning room in a
second."With that he was in his room with his door closed. He leaned back against
his door and dropped his head back against the frame. He closed his preteen virgin lolitas nude
and tried to shake the image of Tyler's body out of his mind. How could he
even think about that? He shucked off his shorts and jumped in the
shower. He knew dinner was almost ready so he had to hurry. He grabbed the
bar of soap and started washing up. He couldn't get those creamy white
orbs out of his mind and without even realizing it, he was getting hard.
As he lowered his hands down his stomach and reached his dick he was a
little shocked to feel how hard he was. As fast as he got in, he jumped
out of the shower and grabbed his towel. He pulled on a pair of shorts and
a t-shirt, forgoing his underwear or socks; he didn't want to keep them
waiting.Tyler was shocked when he saw the table all dressed and ready for dinner.
Everything looked so elegant, like something from a magazine or a movie.
Russell pulled out a chair for Tyler next to the head of the table. He sat
down and took a deep breath of some wonderful smell coming from the
kitchen. Russell asked him what he'd like to drink with dinner."Water is fine- no ice though please" He replied.Tyler could hear his dad walking down the stairs so he put his hands under
the sides of his thighs. His mother had always taught him to keep his
hands down until everyone was at the table. David sat down at the head of
the table right next to Tyler and gave him a slightly nervous smile."It smells great Russell- what have you whipped up for us tonight?" xxx top lolita sites David
said"Prime rib, rosemary potatoes and grilled squash" Russell said as he
carried the plates to the table.David took a drink of his wine and smiled again at Tyler. "He's an amazing
chef"Russell brought his own plate to the table and the three generations of men
dug in. Tyler couldn't get over how good it all tasted. He had never had
prime rib before; He was a little apprehensive of eating meat that was
still so red but was amazed at how it melted on his tongue with each bite.
He couldn't help but compliment Russell over and over again throughout
dinner. Russell would just smile and genially accept the young boy's
praise. David couldn't help but notice each and ever time Tyler's knee
would bump into his. The feeling of his smooth leg grazing his knee almost
made it hard to maintain preteen virgin lolitas nude a light dinner conversation. Tyler ate quickly
but stayed at the table to listen to Russell and David talking even though
their conversation seemed to be a little out of his league. It made him
feel like "one of the guys" when he laughed with them though. At 9 o'clock
dinner wrapped up and Russell russian lolita porn sites
began clearing the plates. Tyler quickly
grabbed the glasses and silverware to help clean the table. Russell said
"That's not necessary" but Tyler liked feeling helpful. Russell loaded the
dishwasher, grabbed his coat out of a closet in the kitchen and walked to
the door."I'll be going unless there is anything else I can do for you" he said to
David."Have a good night Russell- and I'll see you at 11 tomorrow- take the
morning off.""Are you sure" he asked. It was not uncommon for David to give him the
morning off but he always felt it necessary to ask."Yes! yes, now get going before I call your wife russian preteen lolli pics
and tell her you're trying
to avoid her" he said with a smirk, "We'll be fine."David put his hand around Tyler's shoulder and guided him into the living
room as the door to the garage swung shut. "Has anyone showed you this
part yet?" he said as he grabbed a remote and a screen lowered above the
fireplace. At the same time a small slot in the back wall opened and the
TV was on. Tyler sat down next to David as CNN flipped on. "What do you
feel like watching? I had Chip go out and grab a bunch lolitas bbs nude pics of movies you might
like- go ahead and take a young black lolita nude
look."Tyler walked over to the side of the fireplace and sure enough- there had
to be 50 movies still in the plastic wrapping. He looked through and saw a
bunch of his favorites. He grabbed Finding Nemo and opened the plastic and
started looking for the DVD player. David showed him how the components
were built into the end table and as the dick retracted into the player,
Tyler found his spot on the couch. David thought it was a little ironic
that he picked the story of a dad trying to reunite with is son but he was
certain that it was just coincidence. They settled back on the sofa and as
the movie started the rest of the lights in the room dimmed. After the
first hour of the film David could tell Tyler was getting tired. With it
being after 12 o'clock in Minnesota it was obvious why. Tyler turned from
leaning on the arm of the couch to leaning against David's arm. Before the
credits Tyler had his head resting on David's right leg with his hand
draped over David's knee. David had his hand on Tyler's shoulder rubbing
it ever so gently with his thumb. He was fighting hard to keep his eyes
from closing. He just couldn't bring himself to disturb the angel that was
sleeping on him.**As always guys, I'd love to hear your thoughts! I changed the email
address I'm going to use to 68620to43203gmail.com I hope you all had a
great Holiday!**

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